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B450 Review Rewards! Write a review and we'll give you a $10 Steam code on us! refer to the link for more information:
Join the #UpgradeYourLife campaign! We sent out applications to students who are in college for a chance to upgrade their lives. Many applications later, we selected a few students who we felt would benefit most by upgrading their lives. Watch ...32
5 more days until AORUS Game Night! Check out some of the event giveaways! If you are a fellow Californian resident, save the date! Respond to the event page if you have not already!
Event link:
The flagship you've been waiting for... #AORUS #GoBeyond #GeForceRTX318
Can't get enough... Won't get enough.... The Gigabyte RTX 2080 graphics card looking stunning 👌 😱 😎 #GoBeyond #GIGABYTE #RTX2080 #GraphicsReinvented #graphicscard6216
Attention all local residences of California! Another reminder that this upcoming Sat., we will be hosting AORUS Game Night at Dave & Busters in the Irvine Spectrum Center from 6pm - 11pm! We will be having lots of activities, raffles, ...222
Shadow of the Tomb Raider got "Mostly Positive" reviews on Steam.
You can enjoy its adventure story with beautiful graphics!
Know'em before you grab'em! Read about the 5 things you need to know about the Gigabyte RTX 20 series! Link: #GIGABYTE #AORUS #RTX2080546
What it takes..... #AORUS #GoBeyond #Oct8149
In celebration of the AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse, join us on 9/29/18 for AORUS Game Night at Dave & Busters in Irvine, CA from 6pm - 11pm. It's going to be a night filled with fun activities and plenty of ...120
Ready for shipment!! Hard at work to fulfill everyone's pre-orders for the Gigabyte RTX 2080 graphics cards! Still available for purchase on Newegg! Link:
AORUS added 3 new photos.
"The GP-AP850GM is a highly capable PSU that manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to its nice external design and the unique platform, which isn’t utilized by any other brand so far. It has good performance and under ...486
One last week till the end of September
Learn More 🇸🇬
The AORUS M5 Mouse features customizable RGB Fusion, Weight Balance tuning, and a 16000 DPI optical sensor. 😯😎 Refer to the link for more info on the AORUS M5 Mouse, refer to this link:
#gamingmouse #aorus #aorusgaming #rgbmouse
Come joins us on AORUS TV Pt. 2 as we benchmark FPS, thermals and more with Shadow of the Tomb Raider powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080! #GetReady
AORUS was live.
One of our AORUS VIP community members Jonathan Lightwood joined us while we were at Dreamhack Montreal along with his PC consisting of lots of AORUS components! Check out the cool photos!
AORUS added 9 new photos.
Newegg is having a daily deal on the Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB graphics cards! Don't miss out on this very limited-time savings special! Product link: #newegg #dailydeals #neweggdailydeals #savingsevent #graphicscard #gigabyte519
Did you play the "Blackout" mode?? It was SO fun🔥🔥🔥
Let's see its performance!
Join our Review Rewards for our B450 motherboards! Write a review and get a $10 Steam gift card on us! refer to this link: #reviewrewards #b450 #aorus #aorusgaming #steamgiftcard132
Get ready for today's episode of #aorustv at 3pm PST! We've got some fun stuff for you guys so tune in! We will be live on both our Facebook and Twitch! #livestream #GraphicsReinvented #RTX2080 #aorus #twitchtv #FacebookLive427
Tune in tomorrow at 3pm PST for a very special episode of #aorustv! Here's a hint... it's a blast from the past! ALSO, we will be talking about the Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC graphics card along with some Shadow ...160
What’s your most anticipated game of Q4 2018?😏1311
The countdown begins... 😉

#AORUS #GoBeyond #Oct8
Continue to join the #UpgradeYourLife campaign as we upgrade one life at a time! Tune in every Friday for new episodes as well as other surprises to come 😁😎😜
AORUS isn't just about upgrading your components for better quality gaming. ...
"The AORUS RGB memory is impressive in design and built quality, making it not only a great option for gaming systems but for general case PC users too." 😊😎👍 Full review link:
When you purchase any qualifying AORUS Radeon RX graphics card, you get 3 PC games for FREE!! Amazing isn't it? Don't miss out! #RaiseTheGame #freegames #amd #aorus #aorusgaming #pcgaming #gamerunite121
Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Season pass includes Assassin's Creed III Remastered and 2 massive expansions!!!👍438
Just a reminder that purchasing yourself either a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, a 2080, or a 2070 Gaming OC, you will be eligible for a 4 year warranty!! Still available on Newegg for Pre-order! #GIGABYTE #4yearswarranty #GeForceRTX
It may be small, but it packs quite the punch! The AORUS B450 Mini ITX Motherboard is now available on Amazon and Newegg! #b450miniitx #motherboards #aorusgaming #aorus #amazon #newegg
Join the #UpgradeYourLife campaign! We sent out applications to students who are in college for a chance to upgrade their lives. Many applications later, we selected a few students who we felt would benefit most by upgrading their lives. Watch ...90
Come Joins us as we try out the open beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!! Come and chat!
AORUS was live.
And yet another surprise giveaway from yours truly for the Reddit community! To enter, please refer to the link: #IntelGamerDays2018 #pcgiveaway #pcgaming #gamingpc #dreammachine291
Our partner Tech Testers made a awesome video to tell you how to build
$5000 AMD PC!

Check out more details in the video!👇👇👇
Hey guys! So AMD told us they're doing a promotion where you get three great ...
Intel Gamer Days limited-time savings event ends tomorrow, September 14th! You still have time if you have not purchased already! Link:
#IntelGamerDays2018 #motherboards
AORUS added 4 new photos.
The much anticipated AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse launches end of September! It will be available on both Amazon and Newegg. Get ready! #aorus #aorusgaming #gamingmouse #rgbmouse223
Did you enjoy the Open Beta test of Battlefield V ?
The performance test is here!!
We treasure your RTX 20 series even more! We are offering a 4 year warranty on GIGABYTE RTX 2080 Ti /2080 Gaming OC Graphics Card! Don't miss out and order yours today! link: #4yearswarranty #gigabyte #GeForceRTX #graphicscard 8018
Join Lindsey as she plays some Overwatch in efforts to receiving her placement ranking for this new season! Come and chat!
AORUS was live — playing Overwatch.
Only 2 more days of Intel Gamer Days!! Don't miss out on this limited-time savings event on our AORUS Z370 motherboards!! Link: #IntelGamerDays2018
AORUS added 4 new photos.
The Happy Campers win a wild one! What a crazy finish to an unforgettable tournament in Seattle, WA.21222
Relive the #PAXWest 2018 experience with our friend Austen Marie as she shares her PAX West story, some of her show favorites, and her visit to the #AORUS booth!

What's your favorite PAX West moment this year? Let us know ...
✨PAX WEST 2018 Winner Announcement✨
Thanks for all your help! AORUS robot safely landed in PAX WEST and experienced the wonderful journey.
Congratulations to all the winners! Please PM us your delivery info including:
1) Name
2) Address and post ...
Join Lindsey and Tracie from CORSAIR as they take you around their booths at Dreamhack Montreal!

Follow us on Social Media:
Let’s congratulate all of the winners who entered into the #AORUS giveaway during Day 2 of DreamHack Montreal!
AORUS added 9 new photos.
🎵🎵🎵Slushii's next PC is powered by #AORUS!

Day 2 of DreamHack Montreal means more AMAZING PCs to showcase! This one was made possible by our partners over at ModMyMods, CORSAIR, and AMD!

Stay tuned for more #AORUS coverage during DreamHack ...
We're huge fans of our new fan mechanics for the Gigabyte RTX 2080 graphics cards! Check out the new beneficial changes! #GraphicsReinvented #NVIDIAGeForce #NVIDIA #2080 #RTX #graphicscards #pcgaming #gamingpc #custompc #aorusgaming #aorus14941
Congratulations to all of the #AORUS fans who won prizes during Day 1 of DreamHack Montreal. We’ll have more great prizes throughout the event so don’t miss out!
AORUS added 21 new photos — at Dreamhack Montreal.
Wow... we are SPEECHLESS!

You NEED to take a look at this custom-built Monster Hunter: World PC from our partners over at ModMyMods.

Stay tuned to our page for more #AORUS coverage of Dreamhack Montreal!
AORUS added 28 new photos ...
Join the campaign and help us #upgradeyourlife! Stay tuned for more content!
AORUS isn't just about upgrading your components for better quality gaming. It's also about upgrading the little things to improve your life. Join a new campaign and help ...
Attention all Dreamhack Montreal attendees! Come to the AORUS booth for a chance to win an AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 Motherboard! Comment on this post with a selfie of yourself at our booth! A winner will be chosen at random ...812

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